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Wills & Trusts


Our firm is experienced in preparation of Trusts, Wills and other estate planning documents and can meet with you to discuss what would be your best estate plan. All services and documents are prepared so that all of your needs are met and a desk notebook with all signed documents are delivered to you.



Estate and Tax Planning

​Estate tax and business transition planning can be complicated but is very necessary. Our firm can provide a comprehensive plan to ease the transition of business, farms and family assets with as little of tax burden as possible.


Business Consulting and Litigation


Hanson & Holmes has been involved with complex litigation and business planning and can provide you with complete services in these areas.


Real Property Law


This firm will provide you with real estate services from a simple deed to representation of a Homeowners Association.

Probate of Wills


All of the professional services required for a Last Will and Testament or those estates without a Will that require a probate or administration are efficiently provided to you. We provide all of the documents and filings to complete a probate in as short of time as possible and answer all of your questions along the way to make this procedure as easy as possible.


Corporation Formation

All aspects of forming a business or charitable corporation or maintaining the requirements of a corporation are provided to our clients.


In the event that a loved one cannot take care of themselves or his or her financial matters a guardianship can be filed and our firm will assist the client to make sure that the processes are followed to administer a successful guardianship.

Personal Injury

Should you or a family member become injured because of the fault of another, Hanson & Holmes can provide legal services to recover insurance and judgments against the person or companies that may be responsible. Most of the situations can be handled on a contingency fee in order to avoid out of pocket costs to clients.

Criminal Law


Defense for a client can be provided to make sure that a criminal difficulty does not become worse and all of our efforts are to zealously represent our clients to obtain the best outcome.


Some situations may be best setup in a partnership for business or family property management. We can provide a complete plan for a group ownership of business assets.

Civil Litigation


All types of litigation require expert assistance and our many attorney can provide a variety of legal services to pursue a legal action or provide a defense for our clients.

Limited Liability


This type of company can provide a more simple method to operate a business and has certain advantages over other business entities. A serial company can protect certain assets in a limited liability company from the liabilities of other assets in that same limited liability company.



The firm represents creditors and debtors in all bankruptcy matters in the Northern, Eastern and Western Districts of the U.S. District Courts in Oklahoma. This includes matters pertaining to Chapters 7, 11 and 13 of the bankruptcy code.


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